Personalized Wedding Ceremony

I am committed to making your wedding ceremony uniquely yours. That’s why I have developed a three step process which blends your dreams with my experience and resources to create the perfect ceremony

Step 1: Listening
The ceremony planning process begins with questions. What do you want the tone of your wedding to be? Are you interested in a wedding that is religious, secular or somewhere in between? Are there any family or cultural traditions that you want to honor? Have you seen something at a wedding that you would like to include in yours?

Once these questions have been answered we discuss the elements of a typical wedding ceremony including the vows and exchange of rings. We will also talk about several additional rituals that many couples include like unity candles, sand ceremonies, rose ceremonies and the blessing of the rings. Once the officiant is confident that he or she truly under stand what you are looking for it’s time for step two.

Step 2: Crafting the Ceremony
The officiant uses what they learned about you in step one to craft a ceremony that is meaningful, flows smoothly and includes small personal details. Our training, experience, and extensive resource library help us create the first draft.

Step 3: Revisions
The first draft is emailed to you for review and comments. Your comments are used for revisions and a second draft is emailed to you. The process continues until your wedding ceremony is exactly what you and your fiancé are looking for.

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