Why it Helps

When you were dating, you both got to know about your interests together and your attraction to each other. Before entering into the commitment of marriage, it is most important to have discussions, agreements, and promises about the important issues all couples face.

Every couple needs to address the basic issues at some point in their ongoing relationship. It is better to discuss these universal issues ahead of time, with cool heads and warm hearts, rather than in the heat of a disagreement. When you both have an understanding of the core issues, the small stuff of everyday life does not get in the way of your pursuit of happiness.

Premarital Coaching prepares you for married life by:

  • Improving your communication skills
  • Increasing your ability to resolve conflict
  • Identifying strengths and growth areas
  • Supporting you to discuss personal, couple, and family goals

In Premarital Coaching, you and your fiancé have the opportunity to discuss and development agreements about common concerns:

  • Financial Goals and Budgets
  • Children
  • Sex
  • Extended family
  • Religion
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