Writting your own Vows

Should we write our own vows?

Three reasons to write your own wedding vows:

  1. Committing your life to the person you love in your own words adds a personal touch to the ceremony
  2. Writing about the love and commitment you have for one another is bound to lead to new discoveries about your relationship
  3. Writing will help clarify your vision of marriage

Three reasons not to write your own wedding vows:

  1. Finding the right words can be nerve-racking
  2. If your fiance is not as excited about the project as you are, problems are bound to arise
  3. There are lots of beautifully written wedding vows available that have withstood the test of time. Vows don’t have to be original in order to be personal.

One of our officiants would be glad to help you create the perfect wedding ceremony. Contact us to schedule a free appointment.

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