San Jose Wedding Officiant Shares 4 Tips for a Great Wedding Rehearsal

Tips for a successful wedding rehearsal.

A good rehearsal leads to a smooth flowing and stress free wedding ceremony. The tips below will help your wedding rehearsal succeed.

  1. Gather people an hour early. Rehearsal time (which is limited to one half hour by many venues) can easily be squandered while old friends get reacquainted and introductions are made. Gathering people early also accounts for the uncle who is late to everything.
  2. Give your cell phone to one of your bridesmaids. People will call to ask for directions (someone always leaves them at home) and to let you know they are running late. Your bridesmaids can handle these calls just fine and there is no reason for you to deal with the added stress.
  3. Give your marriage license to the officiant at the rehearsal. It’s one less thing to think about on your wedding day. If the officiant is not at the rehearsal, ask the wedding coordinator or a responsible friend to take the license and give it to the officiant on your wedding day.
  4. Have a professional wedding officiant or coordinator lead your rehearsal. Their knowledge and experience will make your big day run smooth and help ensure that your photographer is able to get the perfect shots.

On of our officiants would be glad to lead your wedding rehearsal. Click here to schedule a free consultation.

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