San Jose wedding Officiant Performs Wine Ceremony

I had the privilege of marrying Barbara Favis and Tsou Yu Liang yesterday at the Blackhawk Country Club in Danville. It was an absolutely beautiful wedding with many many memorable moments. Barbara and Tsou Yu added a classy twist to their wedding by including a wine ceremony.

After taking vows and exchanging rings Barbra help up a glass of white wine and Tsou Yu a glass of red. I asked them to look into the glasses and consider their love and commitment to each other. The wine became a symbol of their vows. Next, the couple poured the wine from their individual glasses into a single chalice. As they drank together from the Chalice I said, “The wine you consume is a symbol of your vows. As you drink it, may your love and commitment to one another become a part of your essence. May your vows nourish your relationship as bread and wine give life to the body”.

The wine ceremony is a wonderful way to add beauty and meaning to a wedding ceremony. One of our Bay Area wedding officiants would be glad to talk with you about how to make your ceremony personal and meaningful. Feel free to contact us.

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