Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony by San Jose wedding Officiant

Over the past few  years I have performed hundreds of weddings at some of the Bay Areas finest venues and I have learned a lot about personalizing a wedding ceremony. I will share a few tips with you below:

  • The wedding officiant has to connect with your guests. Look for an officiant that is comfortable with himself or herself and has an engaging personality. The actual words that an officiant chooses to say are not what makes a ceremony feel personal. It’s all about the delivery.
  • Ask your parents and grandparents about their wedding. Perhaps you could incorporate a reading or a ritual from there wedding in your ceremony.
  • Involve your friends. Ask them to do the readings, seat your guests and help the shy flower girl get down the isle.
  • Think creatively about the reading you choose. Perhaps the lyrics from your favorite song would work well.
  • Personalize the wedding vows. If the thought of writing vows stresses you out, I suggest that you and your finance sit down with a traditional vow and edit the words to fit the two of you.
  • Creative weddings do not necessary feel personal. They can feel contrived and showy. Make sure that your creative ideas serve a purpose.  A good wedding officiant can help you make this happen.

Please share your own thoughts about creating a personalized wedding ceremony by commenting.

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