An Excellent Wedding Vow

I recent married Dick and Julie at Mt Diablo State Park. It was a beautiful, simple wedding done on a Tuesday morning. It was Dick’s second marriage (his first wife died) and he wrote the following vow. I find it quite moving.

I offer you not the “Summer of my life” but the autumn, brisk and vibrant. I promise to be a companion worthy of your precious friendship. I pledge you compassion in good times and bad; encouragement in sickness and health. It is my intent that our life together includes our circle of friends and family. We will cherish the memories of our individual pasts and create our new life together. I came to this place today as a man standing alone; I walk from it by your side. Today I cross the threshold with you and enter into a new and lasting lifetime commitment. Jule, I commit myself to you as your husband. Let us grow old together and look back on life, smile and say it was one hell of a ride.

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