10 questions that will help you find the perfect officiant!

I have been a San Jose Wedding Officiant since 2002. Over the past eight years prospective clients have asked me a lot of great questions. I have listed the ten best questions below. Use  them when interviewing officiants, and you are well on your way to finding the perfect person.

  1. Describe the wedding that you most enjoyed performing?
  2. How do you handle clients who have a different belief system then you?
  3. What makes a wedding ceremony personal?
  4. If you become sick or are otherwise unable to show up on our wedding day, what is your back-up plan?
  5. What specific training do you have that qualifies you do this work and do you belong to any professional associations?
  6. Are you legally authorized to perform wedding ceremonies?
  7. How early do arrive on the wedding day?
  8. What makes you a good public speaker?
  9. How do you typically dress for a wedding ceremony?
  10. How will you work  collaboratively with wedding coordinators, photographers and other wedding professionals that I hire?

If you have any great questions for officiants that you would like to share with others, please post them!

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